Frequently Asked Questions

Some general queries

When was Miss Teen International Founded?

The Miss Teen International pageant started in 1993. The pageant was founded by Enrique González. Later it is acquired by Nikhil Anand from India in 2015.

Who can participate in Miss Teen International ?

The pageant is for teen girls for age 14-19.

What is the procedure to enter Miss Teen International 2018 Pageant?

Contestants will have to apply to enter the Miss Multinational pageant by applying through a National Director in their respective country. If you find difficulty in finding one, please ask us for the contact and we will provide the contact to you.

National Directors should email us if they want the franchise for their respective countries.

How many contestants will be competing in Miss Teen International 2018?

In Miss Teen International 2018, we are highly selective to maintain the standards so over 35 countries are participating.

When and Where is Miss Teen International 2018 taking place?

The Pageant will take place from 15th September,2018-24th September,2018 in in India.The Coronation night of 25th edition of Miss Teen International pageant will be in India on 24 September, 2018.

Can the family members and national directors come?

Yes, The family members and the national director can come but Miss Teen International organisation will not be responsible to cover the expenses of family members and other relatives.

Can the contestants be married?

No, Contestants should not be married, should not be pregnant or divorcee.

Does Miss Teen International have a talent competition?

Yes, Since the pageant will be held for 10 days from 15th September, 2018-24th September,2018. We are having a lot of planned events for the contestants. The pageant will not compromise on its quality and we are highly devoted to maintain our standards.