Miss Teen International is an annual beauty pageant for teen aged girls across the world. It is the oldest running teen pageant for girls aged between 14 and 19 participate in the teen pageant. The pageant started in 1993 and Sofia Andersson of Sweden was the first winner of Miss Teen International. The pageant was founded by Enrique González. Later It got acquired by Nikhil Anand from India.

Miss Teen International has already 24 editions happened. This year it is going to be the 25th edition.

Our Titleholders :

Year Winner Country/Territory
2014 Ailin Adorno  Paraguay
2013 Isabella Novaes  Brazil
2012 Valerie Hernandez  Puerto Rico
2011 Adriana Paniagua  Nicaragua
2010 Lynette Do Nascimento  Aruba
2009 Nazareth Cascante  Costa Rica
2008 Isabele Sanchez  Brazil
2007 Jenny Quiroga Bravo  Mexico
2006 Mayra Matos  Puerto Rico
2004 Lauryn Eagle  Australia
2003 María Teresa Rodríguez  Costa Rica
2002 Fabriella Quesada Sequeira  Costa Rica
2001 Yara Lasanta  Puerto Rico
2000 Ayanette Mary Ann Statia  Curaçao
1999 Carolina Raven Perez  Aruba
1998 Vanessa Martins Fernandes  Brazil
1997 Katherine González Rivera  Puerto Rico
1996 Karina Renata Cavazzana  Brazil
1995 Kristen Elizabeth Hungerford  Sweden
1994 Ana Carina Góis Homa  Brazil
1993 Sofia Andersson  Sweden